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1 Vermont! on Fri Jan 02, 2009 8:47 pm

Birch Run Farm

A Tiny Little Duckling
A Tiny Little Duckling
Well, that's where I live. I am originally from Michigan (Lapeer Co.) and moved away in 2006. Follwed the jobs. Guess I am lucky I did though things are tight everywhere now.

I live near Montpelier, VT which is the smallest capitol city in the USA. My area is smack in the middle of the Green Mountains which are very green in the growing season and very white now. This is a very snowy place and there are a lot of hippies here! There was 9 feet accumulation my first winter, 12 feet last winter. Both were records. Not sure what this winter will bring yet.

You do need snowshoes to walk on your property here in the winter. I keep some nice trails going on my property.

I live in a narrow mountain valley that is forested and I have a big brook that runs right past the front of my house. Right behind my house soars a mountain so I am at the bottom. I have a lot of good neighbors, it is a very friendly place.

Ducks love the brook but there are a lot of predators here. Mink, coyote, fisher and the worst, foxes. Have not seen any bears or bobcats. This is a tough area on wildlife due to the very long and vigorous winters. I have trapped a lot of mink. There are very few deer in my area.

Just about when you think you are going to go crazy from cabin fever it is time to tap your maples and get your veggie flats planted. I boil sap on the stove and plant plats while boiling. Homemade maple syrup is yummy.

I do a lot of logging to open up some of the property. The place was very overgrown when I bought it and the trees are all the same age so I am working on making openings for other plants to grow. It is tough to do as my property is very vertical.

Vermont is all about self sustainability and promoting small farmers. I belong to a nice co-op funded by Heifer International. They provide funds to purchase equipment such as poultry processing stuff. I can butcher and process my own birds now and yes, do ducks and meat chickens. You can sell processed meat birds here with out inspection if you do under 1000 birds per year. Plus you can legally sell and buy raw milk.

I have a large flock of layers as well representing various breeds. They are black giants, real araucanas, ameraucanas, EE, cuckoo marans, red star sex links and a polish cockerel. Too many cockerels actually!

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2 Re: Vermont! on Fri Jan 02, 2009 10:05 pm


A Tiny Little Duckling
A Tiny Little Duckling
Welcome Ann!

LOL...good thing you moved away from MI! I just got laid off last fun. You were wise to move when you did.

12ft of snow last winter!?!?!? Yikes! And I thought the lake effect was bad...

Yay for self-sustainability. That's awesome that your area is supportive of small farmers!


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3 Re: Vermont! on Sat Jan 03, 2009 12:45 am

Cottage Rose

Welcome Ann to our slow growing forum! Smile
Sounds like you have a very lovely place. I could easily go more remote. You are blessed to live in the mountains surrounded by hippies...or did you mean hillbillys? Laughing

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4 Re: Vermont! on Sat Jan 03, 2009 8:19 am

Birch Run Farm

A Tiny Little Duckling
A Tiny Little Duckling
Heh heh, yep there are some hill billies here too. There are some astonishingly run down and trashy homesteads scattered all over. Most have a mud truck, several snowmobiles and a few ATV's parked in front.

But mostly I think Vermont is known for its hippies. Many came here to settle in the back-to-the-land movement of the 1970's. Kind of funny to see them aged now. Downtown Montpelier is quite 'colorful'.

There are a lot of great farmers markets here too. This state has a lot of well developed ski mountains. Winter sports are big here. It is quite a bit more scenic than Michigan and Lake Champlain is almost a great lake.

Looks like about three inches of powder fell overnight, I'll have to plow out. There is a 'heat wave' of 17 degrees today.

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