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Game bird food with scratch feed for ducks, geese?

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A Tiny Little Duckling
A Tiny Little Duckling
Hi all, as I add more scratch feed to my flock's diet to heat them up for the winter, I know the nutrition and protein go down in their diet, so how about including game bird pellets for a nutritional boost?

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A Tiny Little Duckling
A Tiny Little Duckling
We just feed ours their regular grower/layer feed. Should we start to include cracked corn? What else should we be feeding them? They do get treats of greens, peas and wild birdfood. They spend their day at the pond eating also.

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Including gamebird pellets wouldnt hurt a bit, In fact thats a good idea! I feed mine a mix of layer pellets and cracked corn. The corn is to fatten them up for the winter... they will need some of the fat when it comes spring and baby hatching time! plus they will lose the extra weight later on...

I have 2 easter egger hens, 1 buff orpington rooster, 1 rhode island red hen, 1 "barnyard" hen, 1 "barnyard" rooster, 1 EE X BO pullet and 5 white pekin ducks and 1 white pekin drake!!!!!
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Cottage Rose

Ethan I've never had any problems adding some cracked corn or scratch feed during the winter months. My geese seem to prefer that over layer pellets anyway.
I think I'm going to pick up some of the gamebird pellets to see if they like that better than the layer pellets.

Candygirl... in cold climates a bit of cracked corn helps them stay warm during the winter months.

Boy are we having a COLD & snowy winter so far.

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